Website Design
There are essentially four different options you have when choosing a type website design:

Custom Designed Website

This is the best option for you. We create the website from scratch and give you all the most modern gradients and graphics that we can create. This option comes with custom banner creation, some minor flash, and the finest in content creation and spacing that will give you a high quality professional look.

Template Website

The second and a more inexpensive option is to go with a template or a layout that we already have on file. These layouts are really nice and give you a good quality look. We integraten in your logo, text & pictures and we will come up with content for you if you do not have it. This option also includes a simple banner creation using the features the template or layout has to offer.

Combination Website

This option is a sort of middle ground choice. It involves choosing a layout we have and creating a custom banner or graphics that are then added into the layout. It can also include purchasing a template or adding in some Flash animation, Java script and other additions to an existing layout that can give you a better look then the option above while not costing as much as doing a custom designed website.

Site Builder Website

The fourth option is to do a website in one of the many site builders that are out there. Some of the most popular are Yahoo Sitebuilder, GoDaddy Website Tonight and Microsoft Frontpage that will allow you to save money on a content management system because it is built in. However, it is difficult to get a really great look out of this option and the sites tend to look a little "cookie cutter."

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