Keyword Linguistics Research
Laviathanwill strategically rank your website for the maximum number of keywords by using our innovative and broadly accepted themed keyword linguistics research. Dominate your competition and reduce your acquisition costs with the most relevant keywords. Our keyword strategy is proven, and will tremendously improve your online marketing campaign.

Theme based search optimization requires that you have an understanding of the keywords that relate to your website. Search engines rank your site using the keywords that searchers type into the search engines. Once your site is indexed, it is ranked according to the keywords that the search engine feels you are associated with based on their themed search technology. It is vital that your site comes up for the most important keywords.

How do you know which keywords are the most important? Researching and finding the correct keywords is tremendously important. Your potential customers will type in keywords to find what they are looking for, and you better come up towards the top! Knowing what keywords are relevant to your product or service is the starting point to bringing you great success online.

Tracking the conversions of your keywords, and learning which keywords will bring in the most customers who will actually buy is most important. Any SEO company can find keywords that are related to your products. What is really important are the keywords that will get you conversions or sales. Going after targeted keywords that are themed around you core products or services is ideal.

Impressive results only come if your keywords are actually searched for frequently by your customers. Keyword Linguistics research involves going to the major search engines, and actually researching which keywords are relevant, and then finding out how the search engines actually rank these keywords. Keywords are ranked by their overall searchability, their cluster value, and most importantly their completeness.

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