Integrated Website Statistics
Marketing your website online is not only a great idea, it an essential part of any comprehensive marketing campaign. Not only will it greatly increase your rankings in the search engines, but it is a fundamental part of online success. Once your website is optimized it is important that you are able to successfully track your visitors. Strategically improving your bottom line can be done with integrated website statistics and analytics.

This data can be used to your advantage to take your websites optimization to the next level. Integrated statistics will tell you everything you need to know about the visitors to your website. You will learn what keywords they clicked on to get there, which pages they visited, and how often they come back to your site. It will also tell you where they went before the purchase, and how often they come back to purchase.

This data is great, but it is virtually impossible to manage without the proper software. That is where Laviathancan give you an advantage. Using newer software, we integrate a site statistics gathering program into the core of your site, and easily manage all of this data.

Once you have a consistent data stream for at least a month you can really start to see trends, and patterns. Using themed search engine marketing techniques we can take the information from your site statistics, and propel your website to the top by adding additional ranked keywords over time.

Knowing your customer's behaviors also allows you to change the website to better fit their "buying" needs. By analyzing the data correctly you can see what is calling them to action. Exploiting these buying trends can translate into more orders, and profit for your website. You can tremendously increase your bottom line and create an unmatched competitive advantage using this technique.

Laviathanwill also use our analytics to identify and implement changes in trends or keyword phrases. It is important to remember that there are many products and product categories that may be a fad, and might not be popular in coming months. Once we start to see the trend drop or reach a peak, we optimize your site for the next best product, or up and coming products.

Managing your site statistics can often times be very cumbersome. Laviathanuses comprehensive analytical software that will help with customer acquisition and website marketing. Our internet strategies bring compelling and superior results that will become the driving forces behind your company's top search engine placements!

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