Consumer Profiling - Why Research is Important
Done properly, marketing your website on the search engines will bring incredible results. It?s important to have high rankings, but only bringing a lot of traffic doesn?t do the job. It is also important that you research and understand your target market and their searching behaviors before optimization begins. While some may argue that top placement is all you need, that couldn't be further from the truth!

Done correctly, customer profiling will tell you what your customers are searching for online. We will use the information we find during our research process to specifically target your potential customers.

Consumer profiling involves a lot of research, and a thorough understanding of your company?s market segment. Simply picking keywords out of a hat, or guessing at what people are searching for can be disastrous. An initial understanding of the target market, as well as in-depth keyword research is vital to the long term success of any search marketing campaign.

Some examples of the different aspects that go into a successful consumer profiling and keyword research campaign are:

- Identifying search terms
- Identifying phrases
- Looking at customer behaviors
- Learning about customers needs
- Searching for parallel markets
- Finding parallel products
- Targeting the correct markets

It is important to know your customers, their buying behaviors, and their keyword preferences. Laviathanhas state of the art research tools that will provide you with valuable customer statistics.

Developing and focusing on consumer profiling for your SEO campaign can tremendously improve your customer acquisitions and profit. Successful search engine marketing involves the implementation of many important solutions, and consumer profiling is one of them!

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