Algorithms and Search Engine Rankings
Search engine optimization can be complicated and complex because of the way that the major search engines rank websites. How do the search engines decide if your page should be ranked at the top? The answer is really simple in context. Ranking is decided by a formula or algorithm that was developed to find relevant websites.

How do these "algorithms" work? That is not such an easy question to answer. The truth is no one except for the search engines themselves know the exact answer to that question. What professionals can do is reverse-engineer how sites are ranked. Once you do this, you can come to a conclusion as to how the algorithm is actually programmed.

Laviathanhas done exactly that. We feel that we have a strong understanding of how the major search engines rank pages, and what is important to them. The majority of these topics are illustrated to the left in our solutions section. This section highlights what we feel are the most important aspects of search engine marketing.

One of the most important things to remember about algorithmic optimization is that it is not the end all marketing solution. A solid search engine marketing campaign has many different aspects that will make it successful. Things like Pay Per Click advertising, trusted feed, XML feeds, and press releases are a few examples of how you can market your business online.

You are probably wondering how this "algorithm" works? Without giving out our proprietary information, we can at least give you a small incite into the workings of this formula. For example a few of the elements that it takes into consideration include; other websites linking to you, the coding on your pages, the linking structure that you use, and the themed text combinations and layouts of your pages. We offer solutions for all of these.

It is important to remember that the algorithms that search engines use change constantly. To stay on top of what the search engines are doing, we monitor the United States patent offices for any new "search engine" related patents. Usually when a search engine rolls out new technology, or a new formula for their algorithm, we will be the first to know about it. We also monitor the major search engine datacenters. Usually before a major update is rolled out, it is tested at these data centers. What ever is changing in the search market, we are on top of it.

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